Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Ever wish you could push "reset" and start over? Have you had the experience of blurting out a comment without considering the damage or consequences? Or perhaps you ended a failed relationship and wanted a clean, fresh start.

It's easy on the computer! Just press Control-Alt-Delete simultaneously and everything shuts down and re-boots in minutes. Too bad life does not organize so easily. We make commitments and break them. What satisfied us one day does not the next.We break things we can't easily replace.

Truthfully, that is the charm of moving from one of life's challenges to another. A full life equals many different experiences and adventures. Often things don't go the way we expect and we must be flexible and alter course. The chance for a do-over, while sometimes painful, can be exciting! Push out the old dusty relics, clutter, and thinking...... bring in the shiny new things.

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