Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Light up the Night Sky !

Fireworks will soon light up the night sky as we celebrate the 4th of July. At home, how have you chosen to light your spaces? The perfect lamp can go from practical to decorative, a combination of function and art that adds the finishing touch to a room.

Some hints for the Living Room:
  • Most living spaces can handle a lamp height of 26-34" tall.
  • To avoid accidental tipping, make sure the base is substantially weighted even in slender styles. 
  • A fabric or paper shade can minimize glare plus provide a warm glow.
  • For reading, select a bulb with minimum of 60 watts.
  • The living room is a great showroom for a favorite object re-purposed into a lamp. 

Hints for the Bedroom:
  • This is the best place for delicate and pretty lamps.
  • Consider the size of your bed when selecting a bedside table lamp.
  • Remember to save room for essentials like an alarm clock, books, and glasses. 
  • Try a lamp with a switch on the cord for ease in turning off when you get drowsy.

Celebrate with us at Trove and light up your life. Happy 4th!

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