Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Table fit for a King

It's a table fit for a king,
you'll miss it if you blink.
It shines like bling,
it's a table made of zinc!

Can you believe that this table is made out of zinc? Isn't that great! The Louis collection has a great unique style that can work with any modern or traditional designs. Also since its made of zinc it can be used outdoors as well as indoors, giving you more options for its use. The price of the table was $1800 and is now $975, and the stool was $480 and is now $260. What a great deal for a table fit f0r a king.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

"Who's the fairest of them all?" The mirror may not be able to tell you this everyday, but you'll be sure to say "I got the fairest deal in all the land on this mirror!" This New Saville mirror is a great deal and unique design, that is sure to bring a fun style to any space. The measurements of it are 22"W by 29"T, and the price of it has been marked down from $195 to $95. So come down here and see if this mirror will answer you back!


Friday, September 26, 2008

Zig Zag

Zig Zagg Ziggity Zoo! The Zig Zag and Double Double Twist side tables have just arrived from Contrast yesterday! They are a perfect size and made out of solid Acacia wood. These are a great accent piece that can be used either as a bedside table, next to a sofa, or even as a coffee table. The measurements are the same on both of them 20"H by 11"W, and the price of them has been marked down from $325 to $160 each.

I also have to say that one of the Zig Zags has just sold, so zip on down here and take a look before they are gone! Also remember that tonight at midnight is the last day to vote in SF Gates Best Furniture! SF Gate


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ready for some exciting news? Get ready for it! Here it is! Trove has been nominated by SF Gate for Best Furniture!! That's right! This is the last week to vote! So here is the link and go vote by this Friday September 26!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bamboo Table

Need a dining table? How about this Eco friendly table made out of bamboo? What makes this table so great is the size of it. The size of it is 72"x40", and extended with the leaf it is 96"x40". Normally this Bamboo table is sold (with the four side chairs and two arm chairs) for $5990, Trove has slashed the price to $3189! Now can you believe that?


Monday, September 15, 2008

Orange Volcano

Voolcaaaaaanooo! Watch out for the lava! These Carnelian striped vases are erupting with orange! Each one is hand blown creating bright stripes in organic shapes. This hot deal has been marked down from $62 to $32! Better run down for this good deal!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Circle takes square!

Your move! Whats it going to be? Are you going to block the next row, or move in for the win? Don't worry you can play your TiVo reruns of Hollywood Square after you come in and see the Circle Dresser. After all, why get a regular square dresser when you can get a one of a kind circle dresser?

The Circle dresser is hand made from Mango wood. It is a large piece, allowing plenty of storage, and by itself it makes a great statement. The dimensions of it are 53"H, 59"H, and 20"D. The price of it has been marked down from $4050 to $1999. So whats it going to be. Are you going to make your move and take the circle over the square?


Saturday, September 13, 2008


BOOM! VROOOSH!! Don't these stools look like rockets? That are going to soar high above into the sky? These are Rocket stools made by One World Imports. What is so great about these is they're made from solid mango wood, making them very sturdy pieces that can be used as stools or side tables. Also the style of them is neutral allowing them to fit any modern, contemporary, Asian, or tradition design. They are a great value at $325! So be sure to soar on into Trove and check them out before they fly away!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Park Bench

Finding a bench with character that is not found in a park is nearly impossible. Lucky for you we found this perfect piece, the Corbel bench. It looks like a piece of art and still is functional.

This unique bench is made of reclaimed mango wood. Each piece of wood has intricate and detailed carvings that are 150 years old. This is a one of a kind piece that really is amazing when you see it. It would look great in an entry, as a kitchen table bench, or any space that needs to make a statement. The dimensions of it are 48"L, 22"D, 42"BH, and 21"SH, and the best part is the price of it has been marked down from $2200 to $1100! Now whose ready to sit down?


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tree in the Trail

Did you ever read the book Tree in the Trail? Its this book about a cottonwood trees life on the Sante Fe trail. For 200 years it grew and adapted to how the world needed and used it over its life span.

This story reminds me of the bowls in the story. Each bowl was hand carved from the burl of the tree roots. Instead of wasting the burl after it was harvested, it was reused into the bowls.

People are very interested in the bowls for how different each one is from its size, color, and rings. They are being snatched up for accent pieces on their coffee tables, or using them as gifts. Especially since the price ranges from $35-$290! So if you want one you better come quick!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Color Wheel

These bowls remind me my Color Theory classes and using the color wheel. Especially when you where bored in class and would spin the wheel around your finger on the desk. A bright flash of color zips around creating a rainbow effect of warm and cool colors schemes.

Kiss That Frog made these dishes as an accent piece for your plain white and solid color dishes. They add will add a refreshing dash of color to any white, or solid color dish. The large ($14 from $28) and medium ($10 from $20) are in the same bright stripe pattern. The small bowls ($7.50 from $11) come in two different stripe patterns, one yellow (triangular color scheme) and one blue (primary colors scheme) with complementary colors of yellow and green.

See I really did pay attention in that class, I didn't just spin the wheel!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Monkey Pod Wood!!

When one thinks of wood carvings, the words heavy, massive, and traditional come to mind. Neil Devore created a series of wood carvings that are very modern. Carving circular layers in maple, acacia, redwood and monkey pod wood, making each layer on a solid piece of wood. Then painted black, with one bright contrasting shade.

The ones that seen here are (from left: Alder Wood Carving 21"L x 14" W $325, top right: Black Acacia 13"L x 9"W $115, and Pistachio 15"L x 12"W $220)

These amazing pieces would look great in a modern, contemporary or Asian influenced design. Even as pieces on a coffee table by themselves they a great piece.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chez Germain for Sunday brunch?

I'm back from visiting from my best friend from college who loves to cook. She especially liked to make breakfast for us roomies after a long night of studying. One of her favorites was to go to Sunday brunch in the city then do a little shopping to pick up any cute serving pieces to add to the breakfast table. These Chez Germain would be up her alley as well as anyone else who loves to entertain with fun dishes.

What makes these so great is that each one has a faint print in white saying Chez Germain with a dainty and sweet border around it. This print is on the center of the plates, and on the outside front of the bowl, and cup. Each can be sold separately as a plate, cup, and bowl, or together. They are great to mix in with your existing white place settings to add in a little color. And the best thing is there microwave and dishwasher safe! Great buy too, $12 each!

Now whose ready for brunch?