Friday, July 25, 2008

true colors

Items featured, left to right: Fuschia leaf print pillow by EnVogue, persimmon candlestick, leafy green lacquer bowl, decorative shell ball, Riviera Blue pillow by EnVogue.

I have a confession to make: I am hopeless with color. Which is why I enjoy COLOURLovers - it gives great inspiration from a variety of sources. I particularly enjoyed the recent blog entry on palettes inspired by my favorite mollusk, nudibranchs*, so I decided to see what other nature-themed palettes were out there. What I found really proved that colors from nature aren't limited to just earthy greens and muddy browns! The "Painted Bunting" palette reminded me of one of my favorite shams, so our designer David & I put together this mini-vignette (above).

And since everyone else is getting a jump on fall, why not trove? Here's another mini-vignette inspired by the golden hues from this autumnal palette.

Items featured, from left to right: Peanut shell vase by Shawna Stoney, hand-blown budvase from the Czech Republic, Ecstasy Spice pillow, copper wire fruit bowl

There's only a week left for our pillow sham & mirror sale! Which reminds me... To start August off right, the entire Gilman Village (including us, of course) will be participating in a HUGE sidewalk sale. We're going to be clearing out the last year's worth of odds & ends. So if you're looking for some great bargains, I would definitely stop by August 1, 2 & 3


*I studied zoology in university, so yes, I'm not making it up, I really do have a favorite mollusk.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

July, July

Last week I was posting about summer, and this week advertisements for fall fashions and "Back to School" sales are everywhere. The month of August still counts as summer, doesn't it?

Time does seem to be flying, though. There are less than two weeks left to take advantage of our July sales. We still have a good selection of pillow shams and mirrors left, so get them while they're still 25% off the outlet price!

The biggest news of the week is that we've marked down a bunch of our Brownstone pieces, including this sweet mirror-backed bar, so I'd definitely recommend coming by to see if that piece you've been eyeing was included before it's gone!

Also, some of our "treasures" were featured in the August edition of Better Homes and Gardens. Check out the article on page 122 ("All Formality Aside") to see our merchandise in action!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer Amour

I have to say, I'm loving all the French themed stuff we've got in stock right now. Something about it says summer to me - maybe that's because the majority of it is light glassware or ceramics in bright colors that I could picture myself using at a dinner party on my deck (if, that is, I actually had a deck on which I could host dinner parties...).

This is one of our newest arrivals and possibly one of the coolest things we've gotten of late... The tumbler flips to fit perfectly over the top of the decanter to keep out dust and such. I like to think of it as a stylish alternative to the typical carafe or water jug. I can imagine several of them set all along the table of my theoretical dinner party.

Now all I need is that perfect deck...


Thursday, July 3, 2008


Just until the end of July, we've marked down ALL MIRRORS & SHAMS!
Yes, every mirror and pillow sham is 25% off until July 31st!
This sale includes products by John Robshaw, EnVogue and even our Shawna Stoney mirrors that have already been marked down!

As far as e also received several new pieces from Hatzi Design, including this sleek glass-top coffee table with S-shaped base. If you like the table but not the finish, this company also does custom orders, so stop by the store to discuss what works for you and we can get you a quote!

We have unpacked and priced all our new Hebi Arts stuff. We've received these beautiful new Asian-inspired decorative pieces, and more of the lacquer tree sculptures in candy-like shades of red and green.

Just as a reminder, trove will be closed on Friday, July 4th for Independence Day, and resumes normal operating hours (10am to 6pm) on Saturday, July 5th.

Have a fun & safe holiday weekend!