Monday, June 6, 2011

Polished Aluminum Serving Pieces

I just love shiny stuff!! Trove now has VIVAZ polished aluminum pieces designed for serving. They are handmade in Mexico from recycled metal using a traditional method of sand casting.
VIVAZ products are California Prop. 65 compliant, meaning they contain no traces of cadmium or lead.

With a few simple precautions your items will retain their beautiful luster indefinitely.
1. Hand wash in warm soapy water.
2. Coat lightly with cooking oil when serving salty or acidic foods.
3. Avoid prolonged storage of food.
4. Do not cut on aluminum or the surface will scratch.

The best feature of all: pieces may be chilled prior to use or heated to 300F before serving.

Visit Trove soon to see these new beautiful aluminum serving pieces before they are all gone!

1 comment:

Anna Cutter said...

Wow, that aluminum platter is beautiful!! :) I'll bet my mom would love something like that, she's got a thing for pretty platters :)