Monday, March 28, 2011

"Crystal-eria" for your Table

I was immediately struck by the bright colors. My eye caught the light streaming through the ceiling display of red, green, amber, and plum glass. What gorgeous vivid colors!

I learned that Vivaz products are handmade in Mexico by experienced artisans using centuries old glass blowing techniques. Crafted by hand from lead free recycled glass, the result is charming individual pieces that are not exactly alike in size or shape. Color is added during the cooling process as the item is shaped. A final bonus: each unique piece is completely dishwasher safe. 

Can I tell you something? My personal favorite are the red wine decanters, exquisitely shaped like wide water pitchers and able to safely stand upright or at a slight angle (for those of us who believe wine is better when allowed to breathe). These decanters were originally priced at $58 and are currently selling for $29. Come in and see the collection of bolita glass collection at Trove.

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