Sunday, September 7, 2008

Color Wheel

These bowls remind me my Color Theory classes and using the color wheel. Especially when you where bored in class and would spin the wheel around your finger on the desk. A bright flash of color zips around creating a rainbow effect of warm and cool colors schemes.

Kiss That Frog made these dishes as an accent piece for your plain white and solid color dishes. They add will add a refreshing dash of color to any white, or solid color dish. The large ($14 from $28) and medium ($10 from $20) are in the same bright stripe pattern. The small bowls ($7.50 from $11) come in two different stripe patterns, one yellow (triangular color scheme) and one blue (primary colors scheme) with complementary colors of yellow and green.

See I really did pay attention in that class, I didn't just spin the wheel!