Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bancroft Special & More Neil Devore!

The 'Bancroft Collection' in Warm Cherry from Brownstone Furniture is coming to an end! They've stopped making this popular line, but we've acquired the very last warm cherry nightstands and queen-sized beds! We've decided to run a special if you buy them together - come by the store for more details. But we don't have that much, and once it's gone, that's it!
Also new is a whole shipment of Neil Devore hand-turned wood bowls. Everyone here loves his unique products, and as usual, we were not disappointed with his latest works! He's given us everything from smooth salad bowls of redwood to decorative buckeye burls.
In order to make room for it all, we've set some of the smaller pieces at 20% off their already low trove prices!

See you soon!